Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who Uses It?

Sylvia, a university hostelite says: "All utility bills are in my name and my roommate has not paid for cable or Internet services because she claims she rarely uses them.  We have been living together for 18 months.  Ever since I started using this hotspot gateway, there is proof that she uses quite a substantial amount of the cable.  The volume of data transmitted between the Internet and both our computers are recorded. I can show her the portion she used in terms of a percentage of total usage. She now agrees to pay for her share."

Tom of Riverside Cafe says: "I got a bunch of the wifi tickets ready everyday, 12 hours free access...not really a concern.  Customers who walk in to my cafe happily receive one ticket each. You know what? Now I do not have to worry about passer-by's who stand outside my cafe and 'steal' the Internet bandwidth. Without the ticket, they just can't use my wi-fi. Before, my wireless network was really an open hell."

Kumar says: "My captive portal page announces 'special offers of the day' everyday. This advertising technique brings me customers who will otherwise walk away and visit the neighboring shops."

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