Monday, May 17, 2010

What is SBHG?

SBHG is a wi-fi hotspot controller with a simple and intuitive web-based management and billing system.

You can control the wi-fi users starting from the time they log in to your network and to the time they log out.

It has a code access system that authenticates users before they can use your Internet service. Codes for authentication are generated by the system. They can be printed in the form of tickets and be sold to the users for a profit, or given to them for free. Why free? Some may ask. Well, that is to attract customers to visit your premises. They use your Internet and stay longer with you and hence spend more money.

You can build a walled garden where only certain websites are available for access by unpaid users. These sites may be your advertising sites to promote your business.

SBHG Features

  • Secure captive portal. Only registered guests can gain access to the network. Nevertheless, the router isolates the guests and protects your existing computer network.
  • A flexible codes and tickets mechanism sells Internet access by hours or minutes.
  • Tickets can be pre-printed in bulk and codes be uploaded to the router. When the quantity of a ticket falls below a preset number, the system sends an alert email to the administrator automatically. Administrator can then print new tickets and upload the codes to the system.
  • Customizable client login page, or upload your own designer page.
  • Customizable ticket design, or upload your own design.
  • Built-in WYSIWYG html editor.
  • Self-service kiosk feature allows users to obtain codes by themselves.
  • Easy monitoring of current user sessions. Sessions can be terminated as required.
  • Traffic volume and time spent by each user are recorded for accounting purposes
  • User can check on-line usage and the time remaining of his access.
  • SMTP re-direct service allows clients to send emails through your ISP SMTP server. This function can be enabled or disabled.
  • Walled garden allows free access to sites providing extra advertising opportunities
  • Whitelist allows privileged users free access while Blacklist completely blocks rogue users from entering the network.

The Building Blocks

The heart of SBHG is the OpenWRT firmware which overrides the original stock WRT54GL firmware converting it to a wireless hotspot gateway. Firewall rules are created dynamically using IPTABLES developed by netfilter group. Web management codes are written in shell scripts and are for the time being proprietary to SBHG.

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